Custom Designed


Every project is unique, no matter how small or large.  We design systems that work as intended.  We design systems that are intended for OUR climate.  Salt Air Exposure, High Wind-Loads & Humidity.

These are unique to our climate, and not all systems are intended to operate in these conditions for extended periods of time.  Don't be fooled by inexperienced companies.  All systems are not equal.

This is an expensive lesson to learn half-way through the intended life of your investment.  Sure, I love Southern California weather, the dry heat of Arizona, and a brisk morning in mountains of Colorado.  The South East is an entirely different animal. We know local conditions and realistic requirements.  Period.

New Homes or Existing, let Southern Atlantic Solar design a system that meets your needs and budget.

Commercial – Industrial - Government
Our team of project developers will be with you from start to finish.  From initial consultations, to system commissioning, our experienced pro's know the ins and outs of utility requirements, funding options, and cutting edge technology.  Our team of certified, licensed installers require nothing but the very highest in performance and safety standards.  We will assist in maximizing all available programs and incentives to bring you the highest quality project within nationally competitive costs.