Customer Comments

Happy to offer the following:

Anchor Roofing and Solar, under the leadership of Mr. Bryce Hoch, possesses many outstanding skills necessary for the successful design and installation a solar system. With the rapidly evolving technology in the solar industry it requires a company to stay current in the economics of the business as well as varying methods to install the equipment. In my experience with Anchor Roofing and Solar, they demonstrated a tenacity for getting the installation done right regardless of the obstacles. Bryce conducts his work to a very high standard which yields great results for the customer.

Richard Slack
Mount Pleasant customer

They did an excellent high quality professional installation!

I had been thinking about switching over to solar power for a long time. One day on the way home a Anchor Roofing and Solar truck passed me on the road. I saw that it was a local company from Charleston. I decided to give them a call and find out some information. I found that I could get a 30 per cent tax credit from the federal government and a 25 per cent tax credit from the state government. That would help me recover my costs much sooner. I decided to make the switch. I am very glad I did. Bryce Hoch came out to my house and gave me an estimate. Bryce and his crew did the installation. Bryce has been in the business for many years and he really knows what he is doing. They did an excellent high quality professional installation. And now, my electric bills are super low compared to before the solar energy installation. I think it is so cool using the power of the sun to produce your own electricity! So, if you are thinking about making a switch to solar energy, I highly recommend you to call Bryce Hoch at Anchor Roofing and Solar.


Decrease electrical demands!

Bryce is very knowledgeable and does a thorough assessment to ensure the solar system meets your needs. He assesses your home to show you ways you can decrease electrical demands. The installers are polite and they leave your property clean after the installation.


I would like to recommend them highly!

Anchor Roofing and Solar has just completed installing a 14 KW solar system for my house that is working flawlessly and I would like to recommend them highly.  The installation went smoothly, and any small problems were corrected promptly.  Pricing was clear and up-front with absolutely no surprises.  The team of installers were wonderful.  Bryce is extremely knowledgeable, returned calls promptly, and was a pleasure to work with.  

Eddie Lucas

Installation was very clean and well done!

Anchor Roofing and Solar was great to work with during my solar installation.  Bryce and team have great working relationships with all the required permit issuers and he understands the lengthy process of getting through the electricity provider for grid interconnect and net metering requirements (which is the longest part).  Installation was very clean and well done.

Monte Stenger