Energy Audit Overview


An energy audit consists of visual and diagnostic testing to determine the health and efficiency of your home or business. Many common problems, such as, inadequate insulation levels, air leakage, inefficient heating and/or cooling systems, duct leakage, and improperly vented or older out-of-date appliances, can easily go unnoticed by the home or business owner and can result in uncomfortable or unhealthy conditions and unnecessarily high utility bills.

A typical energy audit costs $300-500, depending on the size and scope of the home. We offer significant discounts for the initial cost of the audit if the subsequent recommended upgrades are contracted through us. Also, in the event that we do perform the suggested work, we will assist you by filling out all necessary paperwork so you will be able to take advantage of all rebates available from your local utility. Because of the many variables involved, please call our office for commercial audit pricing.

Our energy audit is performed by a BPI-certified professional and consists of various testing:

  • Blower door test (tells us the volume of air leaks and helps pinpoint where the leaks originate)
  • Evaluation of electrical systems
  • Evaluation of building envelope and ventilation system
  • Infrared photos (aids in finding air leaks, determines how well your home or business is insulated, and finds other exterior envelope energy related problems)

After all data is collected from the home or business, intense interpretation is performed back at our office by a certified energy auditor and a detailed report, along with specific recommendations, will be provided to you within 10 days of your audit.