Monitor Savings

All of our systems have full monitoring capabilities, and can be tailored to meet individual project needs.  Simply check system health, or compare Utility reporting to system information on site.

The digital age has brought easy, intuitive access to important system performance information right to your smartphone, iPad, or laptop.  A few clicks can compare individual solar panel performance, check monthly generation targets, or view years of cataloged charts, graphs, and reports.  Show your friends, show your accountant, it's as accurate as you need it to be.

Designed for the system owner, MyEnlighten presents system energy production, overall health, historical performance, and energy equivalents. And it’s all accessible on one simple, mobile-friendly display.



Commercial systems can be upgraded to realtime system data reporting centers.  These useful features make integrating information boards and interactive kiosks a breeze.  Display to the public how much power your system has generated, how many homes this may have powered, and how many lbs. of CO2 was offset by using clean renewable energy.  Options are endless and can be customized to virtually any project requirements.  The return on investment is excellent, the value of favorable public relations is priceless.