• Recent Low Country Solar Panel Projects

Hershey Chocolate World

This is how Commercial systems began for us.  This project was originally intended to be a roof mount.  At the time, canopy structures weren’t very well utilized and we presented the idea to Hershey executives as an alternative to increase visibility to the public.  We also incorporated electric vehicle charging stations.  This is now a […]

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930kW Solar Installation

Melwood installs 930kw at it’s headquarters in Upper Marlboro, MD.  Again incorporating the use of solar canopies with integrated electric vehicle charging stations, this system was combined with the deployment of solar onto the rooftops of existing structures. The project was developed by Standard Solar, Inc and installation services were awarded to our team. The […]

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Home Sweet Home

Where it all began.  So who doesn’t love Folly Beach?  We opened an office on center street, and our new home was established.  Continuing on with small installs, and odd repairs we began to grab some attention.  What is that black van? Why is that thing parked in front of my business?  Well, at least […]

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In the Beginning

How it all began for us…. After picking up and setting up shop in Charleston about ten years ago, we began to spread the word to lowcountry residents.  At that time, very few people knew much about solar, and most were unconvinced that it was reliable.  To make matters even more challenging, at a time […]

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Solar PV in Charleston, SC

PV began to ramp up quickly.  This 8.7kW residential installation on James Island was originally placed into service in 2009. It was originally designed to offset about 80% of the homeowner’s power bill and has been performing flawlessly since it’s swith was thrown on.  Equipment on this project was Canadian Solar 250W Polycrystalline Solar Panels […]

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Energy Efficiency in the Home

Is your home on par with national averages, or well below?  Air infiltration can not only be promblematic with controling comfort, but it can waste money too.  Here are the basics: Stack Effect:   Heat rises, that fact is no secret.  Having stack effect occur in a home can lead to comfort issues.  The 2nd […]

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Micro Inverters

We love micro inverters, period.  Not every project is suited for them, but most are.  Solar panels each get their very own mini inverter. Whats so great about that?  Where to begin……  Shade- Each panel is isolated form the others, any known seasonal shading can be minimized by isolating only the panels that will be […]

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James Island Solar PV

11.47kW solar PV installation designed for 100% of the clients load.  Selected equipment was Conergy PE255P (poly crystalline) solar panels, matched with enphase M250 micro inverters.  In addition to the Enphase monitoring equiment, this system is also remotely monitored through a customer owned revenue grade meter allowing the sale of renewable energy credits (RECS) through […]

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