Solar Incentives


The following is a partial list of current state and federal incentives for solar photovoltaic and solar thermal systems. As these incentives have a tendency to change over time, feel free to contact us for updates.

State (South Carolina)

  • Personal Tax Credit 25% of cost
  • Corporate Tax Credit 25% of cost


  • Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit 30% of cost
  • Business Energy Investment Credit 30% of cost

The programs listed above are designed to recapture a current or future tax liability. They are a 1:1 exchange for an outstanding tax debt and are NOT simply a tax deduction. Please contact us for detailed information on the programs. We highly suggest a consultation with your accountant or tax attorney to understand how these incentives can be beneficial to your bottom line.

Corporate programs (commercial businesses) have various options to choose from at the Federal Level. Additional incentives not listed are currently available for businesses. Please contact us for more information.

Energy Efficiency Incentives
Many utilities offer substantial rebates for energy efficiency improvements to your home or business. From simply replacing inefficient light bulbs to replacing your heating or cooling system, our BPI-certified energy auditor will perform a comprehensive evaluation of your property and make appropriate recommendations to help you attain up to 30% in energy savings.